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About aPodder.org

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@Podder is an evolving podcast receiver designed especially for partially sighted listeners. aPodder.org distributes and enhances @Podder. Please join our community of developers, listeners, and supporters to realize the potential of podcasting for our audience

@Podder is maintained and enhanced by Dr. Susan L. Gerhart (vita). Dr. Gerhart offers podcasting and  web search analysis services through Research Outlet and Integration using the twURL application. Visit an NSF sponsored website to experience some of her earlier work on computer and homeland security instructional modules in buffer overflows and transportation bioterrorism defense (shown below). Susan is also partially sighted, using her personal experience to design a new genre of software for "baby boomers and beyond".

Partners Sought

We seek relationships, advice, and sponsorship from organizations and individuals interested in broadening the reach of podcasting to visually impaired citizens. The potential and need for social entrepreneurship is vast and immediate.  Please contact us if you can provide advice on assessable software, testing under different assistive technologies, and suggestions for improvement. @Podder is distributed under the GNU Public License as a base for further development.

@Podder Origins

@Podder was prototyped by students in the Spring 2005 software engineering courses at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott AZ. These students offer @Podder classwork under the GNU Public License.  apodder.org has since refactored the code and extended @Podder capabilities with speech and HTML generation.

SE320 (Advanced Programming Practices) students: Aaron Shoults, Sergio Vargas, Bob Cimikowski, (below left) and Dominique Rogers; and Vanessa Bowers. Ideas for its design came from iPodder  and jPodder.  Requirements specification and testing were performed in SE300 (Intro to Software Engineering) by Edward Courtemanche, Jason Courtemanche, Randall Foote, Chad Langley, Weylin Leavitt, Paul Puzuto, Monica Rugemer, Aaron Shoults, Lisa Savaya (below right).