Welcome to Easy Viewing Podcast Collecting

Welcome to apodder.org, podcast listening for partially sighted
Screenshot of @Podder interface to display and play podcasts Screenshot of  @Podder interface to fetch feeds and download podcasts

apodder.org Offerings for "Partially Sighted" Podcast Listeners

Why try @Podder?

  1. It's free! An alternative to other podcatchers and an experiment in an "easy viewing" model of software
  2. Partially sighted users gain a simple interface on an effective podcast receiver, with even more support from external speech tools
  3. Podcast collector can save, annotate, and organize gigabytes of podcasts with web page descriptions
  4. Accessibility researchers can learn how a visually impaired developer/user likes a different interface, e.g. voice enabled beyond screen reading
Please provide feedback for future versions of "easy viewing" software.
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